by Jim Blodget, Chemekata Community College, Salem, Oregon

  1. Go into it for the long haul
  2. Design for yourself - make it a product you yourself would want to use
  3. Under promise and over deliver
  4. Give your best stuff away free
  5. Build community - create a sense of ownership
  6. Be a mensch (a person who is admired, respected, and trusted because of a sense of ethics, fairness and nobility)
  7. Work 1 on 1 - provide constant, immediate, positive feedback; Be indulgin
  8. Improve / evolve / revise and enhance
  9. Eliminate barriers
  10. Structure for success
  11. Be student centered - Empower students. Do what’s right for the student
  12. Lay it out completely and clearly
  13. Make it dynamic
  14. Structure for active learning
  15. Provide variety
  16. Provide basic skills and vocabulary
  17. Provide examples and models
  18. Provide a network of expertise and support
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